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UNII, Smart Home Technology Solutions Provider aims to offer home security, energy management, home automation and high speed internet solutions to customers across India. The end result is a smart home solution that saves you time + money and ultimately simplifies your life.

Smart Home Alarm System

W - Series

UNII's W1 Smart Home Alarm System is an excellent detection device against intrusion or theft or fire accidents. System supports up to 8 zones & 64 alarms including a door sensor, motion sensor, smoke sensor and a gas leak sensor. Whenever alarm happens, an alarm message and image will be pushed to your mobile along with a siren.

It provides infrared night vision and provides high definition video even under dark environment. It can discover the minutest details of everything. The camera uses the latest infrared technology high intensity with low power consumption provides very good reliability, long life, wide exposure range and distance.

User can watch the real 720P HD video Using phone or Tab using P2P technology. P2P network penetration reached almost 99.9% now. The home or lobby can be monitored from anywhere in the world and can be easily controlled at any time.

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Smart Camera


UNII C1 is an IP camera for home and small office use. It helps in monitoring the home of shop of offices round the clock(24X7) using your phone. All you need is your home or office or shop is hooked up to the internet.

It is specially designed to be of a very compact size and easily configurable using a mobile app. The live feed can be monitored using an user friendly Android app or an IOS app.

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